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several announcements + a playlist

happy monday y'all. while most people with normie jobs disdain the inevitable monday morning, this is the best time for me. i've finished a weekend of "real job" work, and get to dedicate the rest of the week to what i consider my actual work. and this week is a busy one.

but before i get into that, there are some announcements to make. i'll be flying to san diego july 12. i will not be there for comic con, but rather i'll be tabling at tijuana zine fest on july 13th. i'm really excited to take my comics back to the west cost and south of the border. i'll be debuting AT LEAST three zines-- a sketchbook zine, a book of one-shots, and a brand-new, never before seen mini called "How to Live Alone."

So, that's why it's a busy week. I have more copies of DoD Issue #1 ready for binding, so those will be available within the week. You can snag a copy at this link, where they're available for $4 each.

I have already begun work on DoD #2, a 28-pg story featuring the kids in the adventure titled "what do they know?" that will be available mid-september. the cover image to this week's post is a juicy lil' snippet.

confessional, by the way, is 98% done. god, i can't wait to show you, but i want to get it just right before it sees the light of day. this one matters a lot to me.

Another super super exciting announcement: I have a twitch. Frankly I'm just as surprised as anyone else, but I decided to make a channel. It's set up so that a buddy and I can do livestream drawings. we'll draw, chat, laugh, etc. i'm really excited about this, especially because i know my process is ugly and messy so you guys can see how i actually make something decent out of the rubble.

i'll post a streaming schedule soon, as we plan to make these streams regular. and one last thing! This is starting to get too long.... i just want to remind everyone that i DO have a patreon that is cheap and will get you lots of goodies from me.

so that's all for now. i'll leave you with a mini playlist i made with some of the songs i've been listening to on repeat this month.

xo az

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