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Death or Divorce Issue #1

As you may have seen through several social media posts already (I'm really excited, okay??), Death or Divorce Issue #1 is COMPLETE! And it's so easy to buy a copy. If you find me in person, I'm happy to take cash. Otherwise, you can use this button here to order it online. Really, that easy. And the best part? It's only $3, even if you need it shipped to you! (domestic only. If you're out of the states, I'm sure we can arrange something...)

So now what? I can take a break? Real funny, Terry. No, this is just the first of many projects planned for this summer, which I talked all about in my previous post. Next is... a lot. Death or Divorce Issue #2 is getting formulated, which should be ready hopefully in the fall. I'm working on short stories for anthologies, and of course, Confessional.

Confessional, if you're not aware already, is a long book. Around 40? 60 pages? It's a photobook, but I incorporated comics. And it was... half-complete by the end of the Spring semester. I just had to admit to myself that it wasn't finished, because after everything I envisioned and managed to get done in 4 weeks (which, don't get me wrong, was fuckin rad) it just needed time to incubate. And I've given it that. What started out as just a photobook will expand to incorporate more comics, some journaling, doodles, interviews, collage, etc. The problem was it was too neat, and I realized neat isn't my thing. So I'm gonna take those pretty pictures, and really start to tear 'em apart. That will take a while, but it IS going somewhere and I'm buckled in for the ride.

I'm also working on an 8 page comic for the Comics! Comics! Anthology hosted through MCAD. It's about running away from home. It's going to be really special, especially because it's going to feature a character I created seven years ago who still means so much to me. Some of you might've already heard of her, or even read about her. Juniper Holloway ain't dead yet...

as always, this comic is inspired by a song.

much love, a.z.

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